BENZ PACKAGING offers a range of PET and PP strappings.

PET Strap: We have with us polyester strapping ranging in standard width from 10 mm to 19 mm and thickness from 0.50 mm to 1.27 mm. Used for palatalizing, reinforcing, packing, bundling & unitizing etc. through manual clip sealing or electric or battery operated strap sealing machines in different industrial sectors.


  • Economy
  • Strength
  • Shock Resistance
  • Corrosion free
  • Safety
  • Weather Resistant

PP Strap: Polypropylene Box Strappings are ideally suited for packaging, and even for palletizing. These are utilized by Semi and Fully Automatic Strapping Machines, and also by Friction Sealing or by Hand Tools. Normally these are available in 5 widths i.e. 6-mm, 9-mm, 12-mm, 5-mm and 19-mm and are made from 0.40-mm to 1.00-mm thickness, depending on the strength required.


  • Economy
  • High tensile Strength
  • High Flexibility
  • Corrosion free
  • UV & Weather Resistant

Awesome features

Saves cost compared to Steel Strap

Light in weight

Heat sealable by manual & automatic machines

Easy to use

Elongates 5-10% to withstand stress

Does not rust

Available in various thicknesses

Environmentally friendly

Width as per requirement

No sharp egdes

Excellent temperature & solvent resistant

REACH & RoHS Compliant