Blocking & Filling

Products include; Honeycomb, Air Pad, Bubble Wrap, Loose Fill, and Paper Pad.

Making sure the product does not move inside the outer packaging is vital. Blocking materials will immobilize and product, and Filling materials will consume the vacant space around the product. BENZ Packaging can provide a wide range of materials suitable for blocking and filling applications.

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Products include Air Bags and Foams.

How fragile and sensitive is your product? How heavy is it? These are just a couple of the all-important questions we will ask when it comes to determining what type of cushioning will best suit your packaged product. From fragile electronics to sensitive military equipment there are many different types off cushioning solutions available. We are able to provide the right advice and support to protect your valuable item.

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Electro Static Discharge, is a standalone product highly used in the electronics industry.

Electronic and electronic component manufacturers need to control static discharges. ESD (Electro Static Discharge) packaging can prevent the sometimes unrepairable damage to these types of products if static discharge is not controlled. Having the right ESD inner packaging will achieve this protection.

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Corrosion Protection

Products include, Anti Corrosive Bags-Wraps-Canvas, Desiccants, Paper, PE-foam, Emitters and Corrugated.

Depending on the local environment, many products are susceptible to corrosion. The choice of inner packaging can mean the difference between slowing and/or neutralizing this process. BENZ Packaging has the ability and technology to provide this protection irrespective of your product size.

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Inner Fittings 

Take your pick! Foam, corrugated cardboard, plastic, wood or plywood.

When it comes to separating items within a package or just putting another shelf in to achieve a greater economy of space a wide range of inner fittings is available.

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