BENZ Packaging Rust Remover RR 125 A is a liquid phosphoric acid-based cleaner designed to simultaneously clean and remove rust from steel and iron parts. Also effective in removing flux, heat scale, and other oxides from steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminum and hand wipe applications.

Rust Remover 125 A has a unique property of dissolving iron oxide quickly while etching iron very slowly. This means that you can leave metal in Rust Remover 125 A for much longer than necessary with very little damage. The acid will attack bare metal slowly and will start the process of hydrogen embrittlement, so use the minimum etch time that removes all rust.

Another unique advantage of RR 125 A is that it leaves a fine coating of iron phosphate behind. Iron phosphate prevents rust. However, the iron phosphate coating is not very thick and not durable. And hence additional protection is still required, for which we recommend the use of Loc Rust – Rust Preventive Oils.

Simply soak rusty parts in RR 125 A for few minutes to few hours depending upon the severity of rust and let them dry after rust removal.

It works best when used with Ultrasonic Machine and heated at 50°C


Mode of Application:

1. Dipping (Time depends upon nature of rust). Use of Gloves is mandatory.

2. Pre-clean the part to remove oil & dirt. Rinse with water. Immerse the part in RR 125 A (Room Temp to 50°C) till rust is totally removed.

3. Allow the part to dry. Then dip the part in Loc Rust 793 PU for longer storage and protection of parts together with other BENZ VCI Packaging.

4. Deeply rusted parts may require a longer time for soaking.


Black Oxide may form on certain steel alloys and high carbon steel when left in Rust Remover RR 125 A. Black Oxide is a corrosion inhibiting film that is a more stable state of oxidized iron. This layer of Iron Phosphate cannot be removed from metal components dipped in RR 125 A due to the acidic nature of the chemical.

Consult the BENZ Packaging representative for more information.

Awesome features

Removes Rust & Tarnish without abrasion or scrubbing

Ready to use product

No VOC’s, CFC,s, Silicon’s or heavy metals

Eliminates need for complicated equipment

Removes Medium to Heavy Rust



Easy to use