Corrosion and more specifically, Rust, is caused by one of three general factors:
Process Related – Whether it is the Cleaning Process, the Metal Fabrication process such as cold working, Heat Treating, or Machining or the handling process, this aspect of producing a metal part is a primary contributor to corrosion. Much of what is seen in terms of corrosion problems, happens inside the Manufacturing plant before it’s even Packaged. With so many variables inside of a manufacturing setting, maintaining tight Tycontrol of your processes is critical to preventing Rust.
Packaging Related – The type of packaging used to package metal parts is important. Acidic materials such as Corrugated and non-treated Paper can hold Moisture and cause Corrosion. Sometimes in a companies’ desire to fix a corrosion problem, they add more packaging, when in fact the additional packaging can contribute even more to the rust problem.
Environmental – While the weather (Temperature and Humidity) can certainly be the most obvious Environmental Factor, other things such as Contaminants in the Air pose equal areas of Concern.
As an Industry Leader in Corrosion Management Products, BENZ Packaging Solutions recognizes that offering a high-quality, effective product is only half of the job. Providing unsurpassed customer service is just as important and is the backbone of our company’s oath Protection Before Perfection. As part of our service to our customers, we’ve developed a tool that helps identify the typical types of rust that exist in a manufacturing process or shipping.
Knowing the type of rust helps in the identification of why it has Rusted.

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