There is no guarantee of the products which remain safe and in better condition during transportation from the warehouse to the customer’s door.

Its all of because poor packaging and not choosing correct packaging solution.

It’s a very big problem for every e-commerce business, online retailers, wholesalers etc. they said that lot of products is returned because of damaged or broken and most of the time it is due to poor packaging and they had no option rather than low quality packaging solution.

Here comes protective packaging Solutions in a front it is very essential to tackle the product return issues and protective packaging solution helps to minimize the customer returns and it actually helps in support, protect the product from damage.

Either you are manufacturing and transporting goods like automotive parts, electronic parts or transporting any kind of beauty products or food and beverages in each case you need protective solution to prevent the products from damaged or broken until it reaches to the customer’s doorstep.


Protective packaging

The term "protective packaging" describes the supplies and techniques used to keep goods safe throughout handling, storage, and transportation. It is essential for guaranteeing that products get at their destination undamaged, lowering the possibility of returns, and maintaining the satisfaction of customers.

There are some of the types of protective packaging:

·       Bubble wrap: Flexible plastic covering with air pockets inside is called bubble wrap. It protects objects from collision by cushioning them.

·        Foam: available in a variety of shapes, rolls, and sheets of foam. Packaging made of foam provides superior shock absorption.

·        Air pillows: plastic bags that are expanded to fill gaps in packaging. They provide good impact protection and are lightweight.

·        Corrugated wrapping:  These durable boxes, which are made of corrugated cardboard, offer superb protection for a variety of goods.

·        Molded wrap: Molded pulp packaging, which is made from recycled paper, is used to cushion and protect objects. It's environment friendly and biodegradable.

·        Edge protectors: Used to strengthen a package's corners and edges to guard against damage during transit.

·        Packing peanuts: packing peanuts are tiny, light bits that are put into shipping boxes to fill empty places. They offer cushioning and assist in preventing movement.


Loss to bear if you are using low quality goods packaging products 

Choosing low quality packaging materials can lead to hilarious losses for businesses it does very huge impacts on the businesses and sales.

However, a lot of companies ignore the long-term effects of utilizing poor packaging materials in order to achieve immediate cost reductions. This mistake could result in significant losses that impact not just the company's finances but also its reputation as a brand and the loyalty of its customers.

Poor packaging does not offer enough protection, which causes perishables to spoil and breakables to break. Delicate electronics or glassware, for example, are more likely to arrive damaged and cause immediate financial losses when sent in cheap packaging.

Product returns are higher when they are damaged. Additional shipping, inspection, and return costs become necessary when handling returns. For

For an online retailer, these expenses can mount up rapidly. Let's take an example where a company ships 10,000 things a month and receives 5% of those returns because of damage. $10,000 is lost each month if the processing fee for each return is $20.


Time to use Protective Packaging Materials

protective packaging solution should be used in various situations it depends on factors to ensure that products reach at their destination in good condition some specific situations where you can use protective packaging:

·        when products are fragile: products which are made of glasses, or ceramic dishes these are the products which have at risk in transportation.

·        Electronic devices:  Cushioning is necessary to protect fragile devices from crashes and vibrations, including laptops and cellphones.

·        High value products:  Jewelers and watches: To avoid scratches and other damage, expensive items need to be packaged securely and protectively.

·        Artwork: To prevent damage during transit, paintings, sculptures, and other artworks require specialized packaging.

·        Heavy items shipping: Solid packaging is necessary for large or heavy objects to safeguard the individuals who handle and the product.

·        Perishable products: Food Products: To preserve their quality, fresh, frozen, or perishable food items need to be packaged with shielding and protection.

·        to prevent moisture and contamination: Clothes and textiles: To maintain the quality of fabrics, protection from moisture and dirt is necessary.

Books and Documents: To preserve their original condition, their packaging has to guard against physical harm and moisture.

·        When multiple items transporting: Kits & Bundles: To keep several things from harming one another, they must be packaged in protective packaging.

Present Sets: It makes the unwrapping experience more enjoyable when every part of a present set arrives in excellent shape.

·        Fulfilment of customerRegular Shipping: To ensure client happiness, e-commerce companies should package all shipments with protection.

Marketing Initiatives: Protective packaging aids in maintaining quality during the shipping rush during high-volume sales occasions like Black Friday or the Christmas seasons.


Some protective packaging products to avoid damaged goods 

·        Paper cushioning:

 When goods are protected during handling and transportation, paper cushioning is used instead of designed paper materials. Paper pads, molded paper, and crumpled paper are a few examples of this; they're all used to fill spaces, absorb shocks, and stop the box from moving. A dependable and environmentally friendly substitute for conventional protection. 

Paper cushioning solutions at Benz-packaging

A variety of paper cushioning options are available from Benz Packaging to satisfy the different demands of different industries.

Benz packaging offers a versatile solution in paper cushioning like crumble paper, molded paper wrap, paper pads, etc. 

·       Foam systems:

Benz Packaging offers excellent protective packaging solutions by utilizing cutting-edge foam technology. The purpose of these foam systems is to protect goods from harm while they are being handled and transported.

The benefits of foam systems are: 

·        Better Shock Absorption: Impacts are efficiently absorbed by foam cushions, reducing breaking of fragile items.  

·        Custom match: Foam may be shaped or cut to match any size or shape of object, guaranteeing an accurate fit and the best possible protection. 

·        Lightweight: Foam packaging is inexpensive to ship since it is lightweight. 

·        Versatile Applications: Fits a variety of items, including heavy machinery parts and electronics.

 Unique Foam Solutions Provided by Benz Packaging

Foam Inserts: Form-fitting, firmly cushioned inserts made to order for particular items.

·        Foam rolls and sheets are adaptable and can be layered or wrapped inside of packaging.

·        Molded Foam: Provides superior protection and is shaped to fit specific product shapes.


Mailer bags in protective packaging:

 A selection of premium mailer bags from Benz Packaging are offered; they are made to safeguard goods during transit and guarantee a satisfying unboxing experience. Here is a brief rundown of the attributes and advantages of Benz Packaging's mailer bags:


 Features of mailer bags offered by Benz-packaging:

  Very durable made from strong materials that resist tears

·        Protect it from moisture and water

·        It offers lightweight designs and it helps in shipping without compromising protection

·        Available in variety of sizes

·        Benz packaging offers mailer bags made from recyclable materials.


Why choose Benz-packaging for protective packaging to avoid damaged goods?

 Benz Packaging stands out as a primary choice for protective packaging, ensuring that goods are protected during transportation and handling.

Benz Packaging provides a dependable, economical, and environmentally responsible way to safeguard goods while they are being shipped. They are a great solution for companies who want to make sure their items arrive safely and in perfect shape because of their strength, lightweight construction, and customizable possibilities.

Some of the reasons to choose Benz packaging:

·        quality and reliability: Benz packaging offers top quality packaging solutions that provide protection, durability and trust.

·        Innovation: Benz packaging always trusts in new innovations that’s why we integrate the latest technology in protective packaging such as paper cushioning systems, foam systems, etc.

·        We design packaging solutions in that way to help to fit in unique shapes and sizes.

·        Comprehensive range of products: we have a range of versatility from paper cushioning to mailer bags. We provide a wide variety of protective packaging solutions.

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