VCI Diffusers

Elevate your corrosion protection strategy with BENZ Packaging's VCI Diffusers—a technological breakthrough in anti-corrosive solutions. Our VCI Diffusers, utilizing Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors, are designed to create a protective atmosphere within enclosed spaces, safeguarding metal components from corrosion. Engineered with precision, these diffusers release corrosion-inhibiting molecules, forming an invisible shield around your valuable assets. Trusted by leading industries worldwide, including automotive, steel, and metallurgy, BENZ VCI Diffusers offers an effective, long-term solution for corrosion prevention. Enhance the lifespan of your metals with ease and reliability. Choose BENZ Packaging's VCI Diffusers for advanced, hassle-free corrosion protection.

BENZ VCI Emitters can serve as an additional safeguard for BENZ VCI packaging items. VCI Emitters release potent Propatech corrosion-inhibiting molecules into an enclosed space, forming a protective layer on metal surfaces to prevent corrosion. These emitters are suitable for electronics, have no discernible odor*, are non-toxic*, leave no residue, and are engineered to be effective in confined areas.


REACH & RoHS Compliant

Long Term Protection of up to 3 years

Crafted by patented Propatech VCI Technology (Italy)

Environment Friendly and 100% Recyclable.

Protective Packaging

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