Inflatable Air Systems

Elevate your packaging prowess with BENZ Packaging's Inflatable Air System, delivering premium Air Cushioning Solutions. Choose from a versatile range, including wide air cushion wrappers and narrow air cushion fillers, tailored to meet diverse packaging needs. Our cushions span from ultra-thin 25 µm films for lightweight items to standard 50 µm films, and robust 100 µm films for heavy goods and airfreight. We offer specialised options like Antistatic ESD air cushion films for electronics and environmentally friendly BIO cushion films. Custom printing is available to align with your branding. Trust BENZ Packaging for high-quality, customizable solutions that redefine air cushioning in packaging.

Protective Packaging

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BENZ Packaging consistently provides reliable and efficacious Corrosion Prevention & Protective Packaging Solutions to clients worldwide.

benz packaging solutions