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Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the best products, at a competitive price, with superior customer service.

Who we are

BENZ Packaging backed by its parent company – New Sales Corporation has been in the field of packaging for over 38 years. BENZ Packaging has delivered safe and effective corrosion solutions across the globe. Our Technical Partners- Propagroup (Italy) are the leading manufactures of Protective Packaging Products and have onsite representation in over 90-plus countries, to provide seamless support wherever you need it.

We can help you get over any challenging corrosion prevention need such as overseas shipping in corrosive environments to storage in high humidity conditions. Contact Our BENZ Packaging Technical Representative for a comprehensive corrosion management solution to meet your needs.

Company History

We are family-owned and operated and have more than 38 years in the packaging industry. Whether you are into Retail, Automobile, Engineering, Power Generation, Construction, Military, or Aviation Industry, we are a custom-made solution to your needs. BENZ Packaging was founded by Vivek Chopra and Manan Chopra as Complete Packaging Solution Provider. Chaitanya Chopra soon joined the business and together we expanded our customer base and territory served by our company. Throughout our time in the industry, we have stayed true to our roots as a family-owned business with a customer satisfaction perspective. Many of our employees have been with us for decades and provide the continuity and experience needed to ensure the highest quality products and service for our customers. Today, we serve customers in over 50 countries including in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia.

Benefits of Working with BENZ Packaging Solutions

You and your company can gain real benefits from choosing BENZ Packaging Solutions. Some of the most important of these advantages include the following:

1. Customer Service— Our expert customer service staff will work with you during every step of the planning, purchasing, and delivery process to ensure that your finished products suit your needs perfectly.

2. Zero Delivery Charges— We offer Zero shipping charges within India as well as all the countries across the world, allowing you to save money while ensuring that your products arrive on time. In a world where shipping costs can make or break a company, landed cost is more important than ever. You just have to meet our Minimum Order Guidelines to qualify for Free Delivery.

3. Design Team—The BENZ Packaging design team has the experience and expertise necessary to help your business make a true impact in the consumer market.

4. Quality—We offer the highest quality of Protective Packaging Products at affordable prices, allowing you to buy with confidence from us.

5. Product Variety—Our extensive range of products allows you to enjoy one-stop shopping for your ongoing shipping, packaging, and value-added service needs.

6. Free Samples – We supply you with VCI Products specific to your application for a free look at the best rust-prevention methods for your needs.

7. Free Corrosion Testing – We test your rusted metal parts and educate you on corrosion causes as well as process improvements that reduce and eliminate corrosion and rust.

8. Comprehensive On-Site Corrosion Consultation – We can schedule an on-site, in-depth study and review your business operations and procedures with Industry’s Best Corrosion specialists present with us. A complete report with rust-prevention recommendations is provided at the end of the corrosion consultation to effectively eliminate your rust and corrosion issues once and for all.

We are totally committed to your complete satisfaction, which ensures you receive unparalleled customer service and the best solutions for all your packaging and shipping needs.

BENZ Packaging is here to help you decide on the best options for packaging, wrapping, and delivering your products while ensuring that you receive proper products for your specific metal parts needs. We are committed to helping you find the right solution to your corrosion problems.


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