Covid – 19 Essential Products (Infrared Thermometer) 

There are a number of different monitoring devices out there that are being used to directly tackle the spread of COVID-19 by recording the temperature of the general public. Regardless of whether the specific method is higher-tech or a more basic device, as they all revolve around remote temperature detection, and most use infrared waves to measure the temperature of the person/a group of people.

Infrared wave sensors are ideal as they are non-invasive, relatively inexpensive, and can be used from a distance. They work along the principle detecting the infrared waves which are given off by the human body. The hotter a person is, the higher the number of infrared waves they will emit. Internal calibrations from the detector can then convert the concentration of infrared waves into electricity via a thermopile, outputting a temperature in the process. The forehead is typically chosen as the scanning location for two reasons. The first is that it is a large uncovered area of the skin, and the second is that the temporal artery lies just below the skin, leading to a much more accurate reading.

BENZ Packaging has a range of products and Infrared Thermometers s to help the general public to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including coronavirus (COVID-19).

Infrared Thermometer

Available IR Thermometer

1. BENZ IR Thermometer

Model Number: IR 988
MOQ: 5 Pcs

Price: INR 4199 Per Pcs +++