BENZ VCI Volatile substances avoid Corrosion (deterioration process of a metallic piece) caused by Oxidation of the surface in contact with the external environment.

BENZ Packaging & PROPATECH VCI molecules, Sublimating and diffusing inside the Packaging, form a thin, invisible layer neutralizing the potential agents which cause metal corrosion, such as condensation, oxygen, brackish air, sulfurous gases, and the most common industrial and environmental pollutants in the air.

Steps of VCI action

1. Sublimation: the transformation from a solid to a gaseous state of VCI molecules starting from the protective material (Paper, Film, Diffusers, Foams, etc…)

2. Diffusion: Volatile distribution of VCI Molecules into the Packaging

3. Adsorption: VCI Molecules depositing on the metallic surface

Available in BENZ VCI Film, BENZ VCI Bags, BENZ VCI Plastics, and many other products. Contact us today!

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