BENZ Packaging manufacturers Printed tape which not only ensures a safe closure of your packaging but it also ensures recognisability.

Printed Tapes are part of your company’s image: which when personalized, carefully finished, with attention to detail provides recognition. Printing adhesive tape is therefore a job that requires professionals – The professionals at BENZ Packaging.

BENZ Packaging is proud that our end product is 100% Made-in India. It stands for the Indian Quality that we find so important. We have five manufacturing plants in India.

BENZ Packaging monitors the entire quality process from start to finish. That starts with our first contact, with an inventory of the wishes and the development of a graphic design. But also the quality of the tapes, the inks, and the printing. Everything should lead to a tape that you are completely satisfied with. Adhesive tape that does what it’s supposed to do: roll off smoothly, stick firmly, and convey a clear message.

BENZ Packaging manufacturers following tapes;

(a) BOPP Tapes
(b) PVC Tapes
(c) Tissue Tape
(d) Starch-Based Paper Tapes
(e) Double Sided Tapes
(f) Floor Marking Tapes
(g) Surface Protection Film

among many others…

Awesome features

Ultra-Strong & High Performance Adhesive

Available in various thicknesses

Manufactured in Italy

Width as per requirement

Printed Tapes also available

High Shear strength

Excellent temperature & solvent resistant


Easy to use

Environmentally friendly

Best Price Guaranteed

REACH & RoHS Compliant