BENZ PACKAGING offers Angle Boards which are designed to protect your product during storage and shipment. Manufactured from recycled paper or recycled paper and/or plastic, they are designed to reduce product damage by providing added stacking strength and stability, protection from strapping used to secure loads by absorbing load impact at load corners.

The Edge Protectors and Corner board give greater protection to all products. The solid fiber construction gives additional protection from – forklifts and dropping by absorbing the pressure over a large surface area. These products are applied to corners of pallet loads and protect against – sharp edges as well as providing stabilization for the whole pallet

Angle Board BENZ      Angle Board BENZ      Edge Protector BENZ

The Angle Board and Edge Protectors are used as reinforcement to improve load efficacy and load resistance. It protects the outer package from vibrations and tension which is caused by poor handling and storage conditions.  These Angle Boards are made of several layers of paper which includes kraft and semi kraft with different calipers. It increases the stacking capacity of the boxes and protects any deformation on products.

Awesome features


Increased stacking strength

Corner protection

Easy to use

Offers protection to shipped products.

Available in different sizes & thicknesses

Extremely lightweight

Can be custom cut to any size.

Easy handling

Environmentally friendly

Competitive Pricing

Best Price Guaranteed