BENZ PACKAGING offers a very unique proposition of eco-friendly, lightweight and cost-effective packaging solutions. The recycled paper honeycomb is made from layers of paper or cardboard, bonded together by parallel & uniformly spaced lines of adhesive. When it is expanded for use it forms a honeycomb configuration with hexagonal cells.

The range and applications of Honeycomb paper packaging varies from primary packaging, which includes cushioning and rigid protection, void fillers to avoid damages due to movement during transit, edge protectors that are provided for delicate edges & corners etc, to secondary packaging that includes boxes for extra protection.

Awesome features

Easy handling

Excellent packaging and fixating material

Unparalleled price

High pressure-resistance

Environmentally friendly

Low-weight; save on transportation costs

Completely recyclable; not only for one use, after using it is 100% recyclable for repeated paper production

With a combination material and a specific honeycomb core it is possible to maintain hardness with pressure of up to 5 kg/cm2

Using honeycomb paper results in a reduction of the amount of material used in comparison with traditional methods of packaging and fixation

Honeycomb paper is produced from renewable material which is glued together with water based glues

Environmentally friendly

Competitive Pricing