BENZ PACKAGING offers wide range of wooden & plywood boxes with sturdy designs, which gives an exceptional strength. The wooden boxes manufactured by us are totally customized. While the best quality wood ensures reliability, these custom wooden boxes are best as they provide full protection to goods during transit. Our boxes have the capability to withstand heavy load, different types of weather conditions and can be used for long distance and storage period.

The packaging options here in India for your business owners have undergone a significant transformation and we at Benz Packaging can proudly claim to have contributed significantly in this regard. We are always coming up with the latest developments in the packaging industry  We offer you variety and just in case you are looking for something strong, durable, there is scope to choose from the best of wooden plywood boxes, which we offer you. We offer you these boxes, which have sturdy designs and exception strength. Therefore, if you need to pack something heavy, this is just the ideal product to cater to your requirements.

Customized Crates

Heavy Duty Skid and Box Crate

Collapsible Box

Custom Equipment Skid

Large Server Crate with Ramp

Cheaper then Plastic & Metal Boxes

Recyclable & made from renewable resources

Very strong & stiff material

Can be easily repaired

Durable & can be used for a longer period of time,

Quick & easy to construct

High level of friction

Easy to use

Offers protection to shipped products.

Stability & vibration control

Extremely lightweight

Can be custom made to any size.

Easy handling

Environmentally friendly

Competitive Pricing

REACH & RoHS Compliant

Awesome features