BENZ Packaging in Collaboration with Propagroup has been helping manufacturers to better preserve the quality of their products over time and in these years, PROPATECH VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) has become one of the most effective tools for achieving this end.

The PROPATECH VCI system consists of a range of anticorrosive products for metal protection, specially designed to preserve and protect steel and metals against rust and corrosion during transport and storage. The results? Consistent quality of the products shipped and stored, no complaints about damage due to oxidation, considerable savings, and great satisfaction among Customers…both ours and theirs!

Thanks to the reduction or even elimination of the use of oil and greases, PROPATECH VCI is the preferred system by final Customers, since they receive products qualitatively perfect, clean, and ready-to-use.

PROPATECH VCI leaves no traces and poses no hazards.

If you are looking for protection for your products, preservation, safety, cleaning, and – naturally – savings, PROPATECH VCI is the right system for you: evolution of the best protection.


For many rebuilders, used parts often come with different levels of rust and corrosion. No matter how well you can clean parts, rust will present a problem once it has already formed. Fortunately, we offer powerful Rust Removers to restore parts to looking brand new. Combine corrosion-removal technology with our powerful cleaners to restore parts to performing and looking brand new.

BENZ Packaging line of powerful solutions will remove rust and tarnish from metal items during rework and recovery applications. BENZ Packaging offers a range of technologies, extending from pH-neutral products to more aggressive and acidic products that also inhibit flash corrosion on cleaned surfaces.


An essential component in any cleaning process is the use of the most effective cleaning solution.

BENZ Packaging offers the latest in environmentally safe, water-based & ultrasonic cleaning formulations to remove soils from a wide variety of metal, plastic, ceramic, or glass parts — without the use of solvents or harmful chemicals. Custom chemicals are also available for the most demanding applications.

BENZ Packaging has a vast array of automotive parts washing chemicals that can handle the most difficult of automotive parts washing applications. From bolts to bumpers, cams to manifolds, BENZ Packaging has cleaned many of the parts that prepare your automotive parts for final finishing. Part materials range from steel, brass, iron, aluminum, cast iron, copper, and powdered metals. Contaminants have included coolants, oils, chips, residues, adhesives, grit, and gases. Integral to our process, BENZ Packaging will work with you to ensure cleanliness specifications are met or exceeded.


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