The packaging options here in India for your business owners have undergone a significant transformation and we at BENZ Packaging can proudly claim to have contributed significantly in this regard. We are always coming up with the latest developments in the packaging industry.

PROPASEC Desiccant Bags

PROPASEC Desiccant Bags & Moisture Absorbing Desiccants represent the most successful and safe solution to reduce the humidity level inside your packaging. Thanks to its absorption capacity, PROPASEC Desiccant reduces the dew point inside the package allowing it to protect the product qualities and properties against humidity attack.

PROPASEC Desiccant Bags allow you to transport and stock safely your products for a long time. PROPASEC Desiccant Bags are made by a natural mineral material which makes them a safe, environmentally friendly product. Furthermore, BENZ Packaging in collaboration with Propagroup carefully selects its clays and textiles to guarantee top quality in terms of resistance and high absorption level. PROPASEC range can be supplied in bags, chains, or panels according to *FDA standards.

C Dry Desiccant Bags

C DRY Desiccant Bags are activated clay desiccants that are made up of natural clay and minerals. It is non-toxic, natural, and has a strong adsorption capacity. It can absorb moisture at low temperatures and low humidity as well as high temperatures and high humidity. Thanks to the Tyvek packaging, these desiccant bags are chemically inert and can be safely put with metal components and other products.

C DRY Desiccant Bags are suitable for a wide variety of applications like machine tools, automotive components, electronic devices, garments, footwear, handbags, and other industries where moisture could create a problem. Unlike Silica Gel, these C Dry Desiccant Bags can absorb a minimum of 50% to 100% of their own weight depending upon Relative Humidity and Temperature.


BE Dry Desiccant Bags

BE DRY Desiccant Bags are specifically developed for the use in automobile and engineering industry to protect goods from damage caused by moisture during transit and storage. These desiccant bags are made up of calcium chloride which can adsorb large amounts of moisture to protect goods in boxes, ferrous and non-ferrous products from rusting by reducing the relative humidity and keeping it below the critical dew point.

BE DRY Desiccant Bags contain a specially developed moisture adsorbent that can adsorb more than 200% of their own weight and enclose moisture. These desiccants can also be used as container desiccants and can be supplied in chain form. BE DRY Desiccant Bags have highly efficient protection which also works against “Container Rain”, which occurs due to condensation.


*The material is produced in accordance with standard DIN 55473:2001-02 and the desiccant unit defines the quantity of drying material that absorbs a minimum quantity of 6.0 g of water vapour, at an air temperature of 23±2 ºC and a Relative Humidity of 40%.


BENZ Packaging Desiccant Bags are certified according to DIN, NFH, and MIL standards.

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Main applications:

BENZ Packaging Desiccants Bags are widely used for the following applications;

1. Industrial packaging
2. Electronic equipment
3. Food packaging
4. Medical devices
5. Medical diagnostic equipment
6. Optical instruments

and various other fields.

Awesome Features

Made from natural minerals.

Environmentally friendly

Highest Absorption Level

Can be supplied in Bags, Chains or Panels

Manufactured in Italy


Best Price Guaranteed

Effective Moisture Protection

REACH & RoHS Compliant

Highly active drying agent

DIN identification on each bag.

Nontoxic for metal or any other material

Class B; Dust Free Desiccants

Ready to use products when unpacked

Available in Tyvek & Non-Woven Packaging.

Biodegradable & can be easily disposed of.