BENZ Packaging Solutions in Collaboration with Propagroup has launched on the market VCI Anticorrosion Packing Items to Guarantee Adequate Protection of Metals.

PROPADRY is one of the new and revolutionary systems designed by Propagroup to neutralize the formation of condensate inside closed environments, thus protecting the quality of your products.

PROPADRY draws in condensate-saturated air through a special breathable membrane and the hygroscopic salt inside it traps the moisture in the form of water, thus preventing new cycles of evaporation and condensation.

PROPADRY absorbs up to four times its weight, it is easy to be positioned and with the new system Propadry CHAIN the application time is reduced to few minutes.

PROPADRY is easily applicable and can be used for any type of container or package. PROPADRY is an environment-friendly product, easy and safe to use.


How does Propadry Adsorbs moisture:

H: Humidity
PROPADRY draws in moist air through a special breathable membrane.
A: The “A” molecules contained in the PROPADRY mixture trigger a chemical reaction which transforms the condensate in water.

W: Water
The transformed water is contained inside the tray
At a very modest cost, PROPADRY tray guarantees you BIG RESULTS:

– packages that arrive perfectly intact to the end customer
– certainty of maintaining the quality of your products up to the time of delivery
– reduction in complaints
– a better guarantee of containing the water collected


PROPADRY container desiccants are available in Chain Version and Plus Version (Gel)


PROPADRY A315: Water Based Calcium Chloride Desiccant (Single Pcs)

PROPADRY A615: Gel Based Calcium Chloride Desiccant (Single Pcs)

PROPADRY A311: Water Based Calcium Chloride Desiccant (Chain Version With Hook)

PROPADRY A611: Gel Based Calcium Chloride Desiccant (Chain Version With Hook)


Awesome features

Made from natural minerals.

Environmentally friendly

Upto 500% moisture absorption

Can be supplied in Bags or Chains

Manufactured in Italy


Best Price Guaranteed

Effective Moisture Protection

REACH & RoHS Compliant

Highly active drying agent

Available in Gel or Liquid Form

Visible Moisture Absorption through tray