BENZ Packaging Solutions in Collaboration with Propagroup has launched on the market VCI Anticorrosion Packing Items to Guarantee adequate Protection of Metals.

BENZ Aluminum Barrier Foil Bag is a multilayered product obtained from laminating 3 or 4 technical materials supplying a very powerful barrier against water vapour and moisture. These multiple layers are Polyester, Nylon, Foil, and Polyethylene which when combined are strong enough to safeguard and create a puncture & moisture resistance package.

BENZ Aluminum Barrier Foil Packaging works on the principle of Climatic Packaging. The Barrier Foil acts as a Barrier to the entry of Moisture inside the Packaging. It is sealed properly to ensure that outside Atmospheric moisture is not able to reach the metallic surface in the Packaging. Moreover, the Climate inside the Packaging is Vaccumized to reduce the quantum of Moisture and Air. Additional Moisture Absorbers and VCI materials are added to attain relative humidity less than 40% and Corrosion Protection respectively.


BENZ Aluminum Barrier Foil designed and developed for the packaging of Components / Precision Tools / Machines sensitive to moisture and weathering. These bags are particularly suitable for the long-term preservation of materials that need a constant environment to maintain their properties.

These Bags are Heat Sealed by special Sealers to restrict the entry of Moisture from any nooks and corners. Additionally, these bags are Vacummized through special Vacummizing Machines to maintain the climatic conditions during the time of packaging.

Available in Rolls / Shroud Bags & Pouches.

Please contact BENZ Packaging representative for more information on Aluminum Barrier Bags, Heat Sealing Machines, and Vacuum Machines.


Awesome features

Extended Shelf Life

3 or 4 Layer Structure

Excellent protection against moisture

Lowest WVTR

Long Term Preservation

Food Grade Materials available on request

Custom Print Options on MOQ

Lesser Use of VCI Products

Superior Tear and Puncture Resistance

Allows Outdoor Storage

Odour / UV Barrier

Hermetically Sealed, No sticking or Gluing

High Quality product presentation

Environmentally friendly

Best Price Guaranteed

Effective Moisture Protection