BENZ Packaging Solutions in Collaboration with Propagroup has launched on the market VCI Anticorrosion Packing Items to Guarantee Adequate Protection of Metals.

The PROPATECH VCI range of products includes anticorrosive emitters and diffusers for a complete and effective protection.

PROPATECH VCI NOXY is a mobile VCI integrator. Thanks to its special spring-system, patented by Propagroup, the VCI molecules are quickly and constantly spread within your packaging throughout your product’s entire voyage, also managing to reach hidden points, which are normally difficult to protect. The PROPATECH VCI anti-corrosive papers have several applications and are particularly suitable for being used as intersecting layers between the products, such as a VCI reserve tank combined with other PROPATECH VCI products or to line crates.

PROPATECH VCI TABLETS are tablets of compressed VCI powder mixed with crystals that reduce fragility. The active VCI product has an extremely high concentration, equal to 85/90%.

PROPATECH VCI TABLETS provide a high protective power. The inhibiting VCI molecules act by saturating the inside of the package and guarantee long-lasting and constant sublimation.

PROPATECH VCI PILL BAGS are VCI integrators in bags studied to protect metals against corrosion inside packaging’s.

They are able to rapidly spread the VCI molecules into the environment to be protected, managing to maintain the saturation over time, even following brief openings.

PROPATECH VCI FOAMS are sponges impregnated in a PROPATECH VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) substance, ideal for protecting goods in iron, steel, copper, brass, bronze and other metals that must avoid all contact with any type of powders.
Widely used in the electric and electronic industry, they have an increased emanation capacity, also for long periods.

Available in VCI Tablets, VCI Pill Bags & VCI Foams.

Main Applications: 

1.Electrical & Electronic equipment


3.Communication equipment

4.Aerospace electrical controls, electric motors & switching equipment

5.Medical equipment

6.Scientific and measuring instruments

7.Telecommunications equipment

Awesome features

Easy to use

Fast acting flash corrosion protection

Continuous Protection

Safe & Non Toxic

Multi Metal Protection

Ingenious Technology

Range of Products

Long Term Protection

Extended Shelf Life

Protection for hard-to-reach areas

For Export Applications

Best Price Guaranteed