We here at BENZ Packaging Solutions look to offer the best technology for your business and packaging needs. Our VCI Paper, VCI Poly Coated Paper, and VCI Reinforced Fabric Papers are the ultimate Anti-Corrosion Papers released by BENZ Packaging Solutions. Our VCI Papers are the most advanced system to protect any kind of metal goods from Oxidation and Corrosion. These VCI Papers are produced by impregnating both sides VCI and through a tailor-made coating process. These Innovative and Anti-Corrosion VCI Paper act by subliming VCI molecules from both sides of the VCI Paper.
The Anti Corrosion BENZ VCI Papers have been successfully used for many years to Protect metallic items from Corrosion during transport and storage. The VCI Papers are available in Ferrous Grade and Universal Grade depending upon the metals to be protected from Corrosion.
The volatile molecules that impregnate the BENZ VCI Papers are deposited on the metallic surfaces, forming a complex capable of canceling the attacks of many environmental pollutants, thus protecting from corrosion. These papers are made with patented Propagroup’s Technology which is based in Italy.
The VCI Anti-Corrosion papers have several applications and are particularly suitable for being used as intersecting layers between the products combined with other BENZ VCI products.

BENZ VCI Paper can be custom made as per the following types;

BENZ VCI Paper 55 PL: Double-Sided VCI Paper in 55 GSM

BENZ VCI Paper 75 PE: Poly Coated VCI Paper in 75 GSM

BENZ VCI Paper 120CR: Double-Sided VCI Crepe Paper in 120 GSM

Propatech VCI Paper 135 WF (HD): Woven Fabric Reinforced VCI Paper for Heavy-Duty Applications in 135 GSM

Propatech VCI Paper 180 WF (HD): Woven Fabric Reinforced VCI Paper for Heavy-Duty Applications in 180 GSM


Main applications:

1. CKD
2. Metallic automobile components
(motor systems, transmissions, gearboxes, brake pads, etc…)
3. Steel reels
4. Entire machines
5. All types of metallic items

BENZ VCI Paper is available in Ferrous Grade (Green Colour) and Universal Grade (Blue Colour, For Multi-metals).

BENZ VCI Papers are Available in Sheets form, Rolls, and Bags Form.

Please contact the BENZ Packaging representative for more information.


Awesome features

Virgin Neutral Kraft Paper

Recyclable & Environmentally friendly

Manufactured in Italy


Best Price Guaranteed

Effective Corrosion Protection

REACH & RoHS Compliant

Width available upto 1500 mm

Effective Corrosion Protection

VCI Impregnation on Both Sides

Ready to use products when unpacked

Available in different thickness, shapes and sizes.

Without Nitrites

Proprietary Propatech VCI Technology

Onsite / Offsite Support Available

Upto 3 Years Rust Protection