BENZ Packaging Neutral Rust Remover is a highly effective and safe rust remover that recovers rusty parts while replacing labor-intensive abrasive cleaning that can damage surfaces. Neutral RR is a pH neutral dip that removes rust by breaking the iron-oxide chemical bond of rust while not harming any other metals/non-metals.

This product removes rust even in crevices, pits and threads, restoring the part back to its rust-free condition. Surface may be darkened with carbon residue after cleaning.

Simply soak rusty parts in Neutral RR for few minutes to few hours depending upon the severity of rust and let them dry after rust removal.

It works best when used with Ultrasonic Machine and heated at 50°C

Main of Application:

1.Dipping (Time depends upon nature of rust)

2.Pre-clean the part to remove oil & dirt. Rinse with water. Immerse the part in

3.Neutral RR Chemical (Room Temp to 50°C) till rust is totally removed and

4.allow the part to dry. Then dip the part in Loc Rust 793 PU for longer storage

5.and protection of parts together with other BENZ VCI Packaging.

6.Deeply rusted parts may require longer time for soaking.

Awesome features

Removes Rust & Tarnish without abrasion or scrubbing

Ready to use product

No VOC’s, CFC,s, Silicon’s or heavy metals

Eliminates need for complicated equipment

No harsh chemicals

Compatible with most metals

Safe on hands

Water based and biodegradable



Easy to use

Environmentally friendly