Help and save the environment with BENZ VCI Anti Corrosion Bags & Films

Saving and helping the environment is also feasible with BENZ VCI Anti Corrosion Films and Bags. The cost of disposing of plastic packaging is continuously increasing and organizations are having to undergo this value by increasing their very own expenses. Thanks to our studies and scientific tools and materials, we are now able to offer our customers a range of technological and modern plastics that assure top-notch mechanical resistance by reducing the thickness and consequently the quantity of plastic to be disposed of, with a tremendous discount in costs, making BENZ VCI environmentally friendly.BENZ Packaging has always been attentive to its clients’ needs as well as respecting the arena in which we stay. We are consequently proud to provide products that might be technologically advanced, designed to assure high-quality results each in terms of overall performance and technical characteristics.

Alternatively, BENZ Packaging has also started the initiative to Buy Back the VCI Plastic Film and Bags from end customers at very compelling prices.

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