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VCI Films

The VCI Vapours released from VCI Films actively work all round the clock. This means the secure and steady release of VCI Molecules inside the packaging. The active VCI Molecules once released get settled on the surface of the components after the components are packed with VCI Film or VCI Paper. The VCI molecules settle in even hard-to-reach places.

Do want to store your components for many years? No Problem!

Long Term Corrosion Protection

With BENZ Packaging patented VCI Technology, it is now possible to store metal components for even 15 – 20 years. Depending upon the product and metal composition, our sales engineer would suggest you Packaging Products and even guide you with Best Packaging Practices. We have a complete range of VCI Film & Bags, VCI Paper, Rust Preventive Oil, Moisture Absorbing Desiccants, Container Desiccants, and Vacuum Barrier Foil and Multilayer Packaging Products which will enhance the shelf life of your components. BENZ Packaging will ensure and assure you of Rust Free Products.

The VCI Bags can be opened and closed without affecting the efficacy of the VCI Bags. The VCI molecules regenerate once the bag is closed.

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