Do you know?

(a) Sweat causes corrosion: Finger sweat marks are not immediately recognizable but are acidic in nature, therefore causes corrosion. It also contains chlorides, sulfates, phosphates, as well as fatty acids.

(b) Air causes corrosion: Moisture, Oxygen, and industrial fumes like SO2 and NOx

(c) Water causes corrosion: Seawater, Chlorinated drinking water, Ionised water, pickling agents, soldering agents, & degreasing agents.

(d) Wood causes corrosion: Moisture from wooden crates, wooden planks, and wooden ply.

(e) Corrugation causes corrosion: Acidic glue used in corrugation together with 20% moisture present in corrugation is a major cause of corrosion.

(f) Dust causes corrosion: Dust & dirt deposit on components due to poor cleaning, resued oil, excess salt deposits, and lack of drying promotes corrosion.