VCI Film & Bags

We here at BENZ Packaging Solutions look to offer the best technology for your business and packaging needs. Our VCI Films & VCI Bags are the ultimate Anti Corrosion Films released by BENZ Packaging Solutions. Our VCI Films are the most advanced system to protect any kind of metal goods from Oxidation and Corrosion. These VCI Films and VCI Bags are produced with high-technology resins and through a tailor-made co-extrusion process. These Innovative and Anti-Corrosion VCI Films are characterized by Higher Mechanical Strength and Low Permeability to Water Vapour.
The products of the BENZ VCI FILM range are made by introducing the BENZ VCI additive into the still melted material during the film co-extrusion phase. The additive is then able to sublime from the plastic, guaranteeing protection from the corrosion of the packed metallic details.

The BENZ VCI FILM products are an easy, practical and economical solution adopted by the main automobile manufacturers, steelmakers and metallurgical companies worldwide, to prevent damage caused by corrosion.

Thanks to the transparency of BENZ VCI FILM products, the goods can be correctly placed in positions or racks, and facilitate customs procedures without requiring that the packaging is opened and ruined.

The three-layer co-extrusion is the main feature of the standard BENZ VCI FILM products. The co-extrusion guarantees increased mechanical resistance and a single-directionality of the BENZ VCI molecules.

The 3 layers of the film have the function of:

Inner layer: guaranteeing immediate protection of the items to be safeguarded.

Middle layer: acting as a BENZ VCI molecule tank for long-term protection. This layer comes into action only after the inner layer has been consumed.

Outer layer: acting as a barrier to the atmospheric agents and as protective action containment as well. This layer prevents the BENZ VCI molecules from being dispersed to the exterior, guaranteeing that 100% of the protective effect is developed inside the packaging.


Main applications:

1. CKD
2. Metallic automobile components
(motor systems, transmissions, gearboxes, brake pads, etc…)
3. Steel reels
4. Entire machines

• All types of metallic items

BENZ VCI Film manufactured by BENZ Packaging Solutions is available in Universal Grade (For Multi-metals).

BENZ VCI Film can be custom made as per the following types;

1. BENZ VCI Film 50 – 250 Microns: Plastic Film Roll & Bags

2. BENZ VCI Film 155 WF (HD): Woven Fabric Coated Film Roll & Bags

3. BENZ VCI Film 180 WF (HD): Woven Fabric Coated Film Roll & Bags (Heavy Duty)

4. BENZ VCI Bubble Film Roll / Bags: Air Cushioning Solutions with VCI

5. BENZ VCI Zip Lock Bags: Self Locking Bags with VCI

6. BENZ VCI Flute Board: VCI Coated PP Corrugated Board

7. BENZ VCI Shrink Film: VCI Coated Shrink Film Bags & Rolls

8. BENZ VCI Stretch Film: VCI Coated Stretch Film Bags & Rolls

9. Propatech VCI Foam: VCI Coated Foams

10. Propatech VCI NW 100-200 GSM: VCI Coated Non-Woven Fabric


Available in Sheets / Rolls and Bags Form. Please contact BENZ Packaging Sales Engineer for more information.


Awesome Features ofBENZ VCI FILM & BAGS

Heat Sealable

Lowest WVTR


Transparent for easy inspection


Best Price Guaranteed

Effective Corrosion Protection

REACH & RoHS Compliant

Width available upto 3000 mm

Universal Grade VCI Film for Protection of all types of Metals

Effective Corrosion Protection

Co Extruded Multilayer Film

Ready to use products when unpacked

Available in different thickness, shapes and sizes.

Without Nitrites

Leaves No Residue

Proprietary Propatech VCI Technology

Onsite / Offsite Support Available

Upto 3 Years Rust Protection

Recyclable & Environmentally friendly